Friday, October 07, 2011

Backyard Bliss

I have been considering taking up a blog since we made the wonderful decision of acquiring a flock of chickens. I've never imagined how large of a community of chicken bloggers there are out there. Just one more wouldn't hurt, right?
I say WE made a decision.. And by we, I mean my partner and I. We have been together for seven years now, since the age of sixteen. We have a profound love of animals... What lesbian doesn't? Oh I kid.. But really.. They are our furry children until we have ones of our own.

Susan is my wonderful fiance.. The one on the right. I am the mysterious looking one avoiding eye contact.. This is the oldest picture I have.. The beginning of forever in my eyes.

We have been engaged for a while now.. Just trying to find the money to put our commitment on paper.

Koda is MY baby.. He was my first dog.. My puppy.. and no matter what any of you say, at seven years old, he is still my puppy! 

Yes.. Still my tiny.. tiny.. poopie pie.. >_> What? I'm not weird...  it's normal to baby talk your pets.... Don't judge me~!
Chloe is our second dog. Kind of an impulse dog... We love her just the same, but she was 7 months old when we got her.. stuck in a fish tank for her first seven months.. She is very skittish and mistrustful.. However, I have never met a sweeter poodle. 
Now for the cats.. This is Angel, our rescue cat. She was once kept by a hoarder, and now she lives with another one @_@... I kid.. We don't hoard... She spends most of her days outside watching the chickens/basking in the sun, but as soon as winter hits, she's curled up next to us on the couch. She HATES all of the other cats.. She has only enjoyed one of our previous cats who passed away, and after that she was through.. Poor Angel.. She was such a sweet friend to Melody...
Although her love of Melody was kept a secret from onlookers.. She couldn't ruin that self-sufficient reputation ;)
These two cats are our dearly passed fluffy loves - Melody with her father Charlie. We miss them more than words can describe.. They were such a huge part of our lives... Melody was hit by a car at 11 months old. Her father lived for two more years before being attacked by something.. He was rushed to the vet, lived for another week, but developed a flesh eating infection because the anti-biotics were not strong enough.

Dexter was brought in (the orange/blond cat) to keep Charlie company after a year of Melody's passing. Charlie taught him well. He is a sweet cuddle bug.. 9 months after Charlie passed away, we adopted Lilly-Ru.. for Dexter... Or to test our sanity.. This kitten is 10x the work of one. She is in trouble CONSTANTLY, has bursts of hatred towards our skin, and is just too cute to hate.. She may be the kitten from hell, but we still love her.. LOVE her.. that doesn't mean we like her >:(
We decided our life wasn't busy enough with the five furry children we already had, so we added 4 +1+1-1+6  = 11 chickens. We have two roosters, one gender confused polish and 8 hens. They bring such joy to my life. Such a stress reliever.. We lost one due to a mystery illness, but the rest have flourished. Some have respiratory issues, but it's nothing we can't handle. We would never cull them..

Thanks for reading!

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