Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter is Coming TOMORROW.

I am really not looking forward to it. First time the daytime temp will dip to -7. Today it is +7 and rainy.

On a separate note, I have converted my ugly garage into a wintertime area for the chickens (and ducks) to spread their wings and get some exercise. Their coop is really too small for them all. The days of weather suitable for outdoor scavenging are scarce. They won't go outside even if I leave their pop door open. *sigh*

Here is our house and yard. The big ol' barn to the right is their wintertime playground. 

Nothing pretty, but it will do. The hay was replaced by straw. Now they have a huge kiddie pool inside to catch dripping water and for the ducks to play in. This will end up freezing over I am sure. It has not yet though!

I added a pop door to their sleeping quarters. Since this picture was taken I have done some adjusting. I added two roosts and a big branch for them to climb on. The garage is kind of dark, so we have been keeping lights on during the day. 

No one warned me about how much chickens eat in the winter. I have gone through a 50 pound bag in 2 weeks. Pigs!
I ended up getting a heated watering dish too. Who knows how much money we have spent total. I don't want to know. My fiancĂ©e will kill me if she finds out I'm sure!

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