Friday, January 13, 2012

Chickens in the Snow

The past few days have been very busy for me, so I haven't had the chance to update yet. Thanks for reading if you are ;)

My main blog is - and I am just posting it here in case someone sees this one first.

Susan (my partner) and I bought ourselves a very nice camera for Christmas. Mostly because I love taking pictures of my chickens, and I couldn't continue doing so with the darn iPhone. It just wasn't cutting it. Boy am I glad I picked a nice one! =D

The chickens are a little less enthused with my camera. They really wanted me to set it down and give them treats. How excited do my boys look? *rolls eyes*

Anyway.. On to the post regarding the title.. We were lucky enough to have a white Christmas. The snow fell on the eve of Christmas Eve, and left the day after boxing day. Well, I was happy.. My chickens were not.

Jagger disapproves...

McDonalds thought laying her egg as soon as I opened the door would be the perfect excuse to avoid the snowy disgrace.

In her defence, she really DID have to lay an egg. She worked really hard on that egg.. For at least 2 hours.

Steve tried to warn them that the snow was dangerous.. He really did..

But I tossed food out there.. They like food. They like it a lot.

Lorraine: 'Once I cross this threshold, there's no going back.'

My chickens are such drama queens. They get it from their father.

Daddy Dylan went around temperature checking everything to be sure the air quality suited the chickens.

's good to go!

Olive would like to object to that...

Jagger glared at me with terror as Daddy Dylan set him on the unjust white stuff.

Ruth really liked the white stuff. It tasted good, and the cold didn't bother him in the least bit.

Jagger: 'Show off!'

Someone put a sweater on that dog before she develops hypothermia!

Within minutes the chickens (and ducks) were crowded against the wall FURTHEST from the door leading to the great outdoors.


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