Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wendy's Chicken Diaper

Despite the fact that I haven't sewn a stitch since grade seven home ec, I thought I'd give making a chicken diaper a go. I would have ordered one online, but I needed one immediately. Chicken poop on Susan's immaculately clean floor is a huge no-no.

Susan and Dylan were instructed to pick out some funky material in town that day. I wanted bright pink leopard print material. Why you ask? Because Wendy is a diva. I swear to chicken she is!

They found something pretty close - it was purple leopard print. So it began....

This is my first attempt. I had to modify it a few times to make it a comfortable fit for Queen Wendy. First it was too loose, so I had to bring in the underside a bit. Then it was too loose around her tail, so I had to sew the back piece closer to her tail. Finally it was perfect!

We wanted to make her a spare diaper while the other one was in the wash, so Susan, Dylan and I picked out a beautiful chicken pattern at FabricVille (horrible customer service by the way!) I spent way too much time making it just right, but it looks so cute on Wendy!

This diaper has a back piece. It helps keep the straps in the right place around her wings, and around her tail.

The straps are made out of stretchy elastic, as you can see in the above picture.  I designed them to be on either side of her tail, attaching to the bucket of the diaper.

This is the piece that goes up to her crop. I usually cover that part with her feathers. She doesn't pick at it as much that way. I made the diaper pretty big to hold overnight poops that won't rest up against her butt fluff.

Here is that wonderful fabric we found! I just love it.

On the inside of the diaper bucket is lined with a waterproof material (durable shower curtain-type plastic) to keep the fabric in a clean state, and to avoid using the menstrual pads. I don't like to use them, as I can not flush. Not to mention the disturbing appetite Chloe has  for menstrual pads.. Or as Dylan calls them, band-aids.

I'm considering selling these.. Not sure yet. If you are interested, let me know :)

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  1. What a good job you did on them. She sure is a cutie in her diapers.