Friday, January 13, 2012

Mystery Egg - SOLVED!

Thanks to Dylan, we found out who laid that mystery egg I mentioned in my last post. It was Olive! I couldn't believe it. She had finally made all that food she consumes every day worth it!

We also came across another egg the same day we were watching for the mystery egg, and found out it was Penny laying. Penny.. Our production red, who at the moment is going through a severe molt!

I guess that's why they are called PRODUCTION reds.

I don't know why she would be laying.. They are not known to lay eggs in the dead of winter, let alone in the dead of a molt. We do not add extra lighting, and she is over a year old.

I guess I shouldn't complain ;) We had a huge Penny egg three days in a row so far.

McDonalds has started laying again after  a spout of broodiness that lasted for a week + 2 weeks of recovery.. I am worried she will do it again. She has nested without laying twice the past week.

How can a mixed breed of two rarely broody breeds go broody?

She just loves warming her golf balls *rolls eyes*

McDonalds: 'Dat's it.. Come to mama...'

McDonalds: "Stay FARRRR away from my eggs. OR. ELSE."

Just love the box.. It tickles me ;)

I have this theory.. And logically it does not make sense.. But Dixie has never been a reliable layer.. NEVER... Not even in September when she started laying.. Not even when the days were longer and I added light..

Almost every day for the past three weeks I have found a Dixie egg. My theory is this: She is laying because she is mating with Jagger several times a day. She is squatting for him, he is mating with her, and she is laying his fertilized eggs. It's the only conclusion I have come to as to why she is laying so well in the dead of winter.

Does she want to be a mother, or am I just imagining things?

Jagger is getting bigger, and prettier, every single day. His crow is improving. Instead of it being one toned, it is two toned now. Of course it still needs some work, but it's getting there.

Jagger is still lower on the totem pole than a lot of the older hens. Denny will not let him near her. She hates him.

But Olive.. She is starting to really like Mr. Jagger ;)

Jagger favoured Olive from the Get-Go.. She never allowed him to mate her though.. Until a few days ago that is.. Now he's traded Dixie in for Olive as his favourite. Poor Dixie..

Looks like Jagger likes a plus sized girl :D

Jagger strutting his stuff after a good roll in the hay with Dixie ;)

I wonder why Steve isn't trying as hard as Jagger? Could it be because his raging hormones are on standby during the winter? He is older..

Can't really complain.. His girls are not ready for any that just yet.

Now I'm just waiting on three more girls that I know are so close! Dott has been checking out the nesting boxes for a few weeks, but only squats when I already have a hold of her.

Marge is squatting a lot lately, but no interest in the nesting boxes...

And then there is Ruby.. I just added her my list of 'Expecting Eggs Soon' because she is always in the nesting boxes. I thought she would lay for sure this weekend. Nope.. Any time! Come on Ruby!! You can do it!

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