Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Indoor Chicken?


Seems I have gone off the deep end. There is a chicken in the house.. And she is wearing a diaper.

No, I am not doing this because I want an indoor chicken. I am doing this because she is my very first chicken, and she is not weathering the cold well at all.

Wendy has spent the winter so far huddled and inactive. Yesterday morning was the last straw. It went down to -30 with the wind-chill overnight. She had frozen crest feathers, and was wheezing from the icy temperatures. I felt terrible! I immediately scooped her up and rushed inside, praying she would pull through.

She did. She is now happily wandering around my house, sporting a diaper I made from scratch after work last night (purple leopard print - she is a diva!). It didn't take her long to adjust to life inside. She spent the evening watching television with us and trying desperately to eat the buttons on Dylan's sweatshirt.

Really, I am not as crazy as I sound. As soon as the temperatures are more suitable for Wendy, she will be going back out to the coop. For now she will enjoy the comfort of indoor living.

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