Friday, January 13, 2012


My baby girl is all grown up! She laid her first egg yesterday afternoon! I am so proud!


I thought she was getting louder! Dixie acted the same way the week before she started to lay.

Marge had been squatting for higher hens and both roosters for a week now. Yesterday morning, before I left for work, she appeared agitated and was trying to find somewhere quiet to be alone.

I decided to put her in the Gillette nesting box.. just in case she didn't know where the coveted nesting box was located...

(The Gillette nesting box, occupied by McDonalds)

She just stood there, picking up pieces of straw and crying. After a few minutes, she flew down, by which time I had to leave for work anyway. I took her behaviour in stride, and felt certain that it was a sign. Any day now we could get an egg from little miss whiny pants.

Following a break for lunch, Dylan found her in the same nesting box, edgy and annoyed.

At first he regarded the barred rock in the nesting box as Dixie, so he proceeded to pet her (Dixie loves Dylan).

However, Marge is still a little apprehensive around people, and decidedly not as people-adoring as Dixie, so she hopped out of the Gillette box. Dylan eventually realized it was Marge resisting his touch, so he set her back up in the nesting box and went back inside.

An hour later we found our first Marge egg!


And here it is! Isn't it perfect? Looks just like my first Dixie egg on September 11th!

Susan - sharing in the excitement of our very first egg EVER!

Dylan was pretty joyous himself. Check out his enthusiasm. He is wearing his Christmas outfit and everything Smiley

Marge was exactly 6 months old yesterday!

She's not my baby anymore. Smiley

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