Friday, January 13, 2012

Warm Winter Days

We've been so lucky this long weekend. Our temperatures are hovering around the zero mark, and the chickens have been taking full advantage of the sun and melted snow.

Koda (the dog), is out with them during the day. Keeping watch.

Not that they really need him to keep watch. Our rooster, Steve is very watchful. He keeps with his own kind. How do they know?!

Chickens are smarter than we make them out to be. Steve is fully aware which girls are HIS, and takes care of them with every ounce of energy he has.

Steve: "CATTTT!!"

I adore the many calls Steve possesses. There's the "Something in the sky!" call, the "I see cat!" call, the "I'm da man!" call,  the "FOOD!FOOD!FOOD!" call, and many more.

For example, here's the: "I'm da man!" call.

Steve: "Hey ladies ;) "

He stands so tall when he crows. On his tippy toes, Chest broad and strong, neck extended..

I don't understand how anyone can hate the sound of a rooster's crow. In my mind, it's beautiful.

When Steve crows, all the girls stop what they are doing. When he does the call for a bird passing overhead, everyone follows him to cover.

When he finds a tidbit, he will not eat it. He offers his treasure to the closest (or fastest) girl first.

Marge has discovered her big girl voice over the past week. She is beginning to look more and more like Dixie.

Last Friday we found two tan eggs (one was Dixie's) and we have yet to find out who laid the other. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Marge.

However, we haven't gotten a second egg since Friday, even though I have been checking every hour to see if a new girl was in the nesting box.

It could have also been Olive...

I am really surprised with how red in the face she is getting. I am not fully aware of her age, but I know she was born late spring this year/early summer. Therefore, the other tan egg could have come from her.

She is the biggest chicken we have. I knew Buff Orpingtons were big, but she really takes the cake (and eats it too).

Penny is in peak molt. She looks awful. I feel so bad for her.. She must be freezing :/

Dixie is wondering why I have a camera in my hand instead of her treats.

She didn't appear to be thrilled with the idea of the camera either.

Dixie: "You bring me food. Now."

The strange positions chickens can get in...

Ruth makes me giggle every time a bird flies by.

He has to tilt his head to the side to monitor the sky. He will do this even if it is just a sparrow crossing overhead. It need not be a large bird..

We get the OKAY that the sky is clear of predators. *rolls eyes*

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year! I didn't do much at all. I am not a party person..

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